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Mollars is a decentralized ecosystem, our gaming community is the foundation of everything. Focus on growth not price.


The MOLLARS token stands as a symbol of innovation, embodying a store of value that transcends traditional economic models.This token is not merely a component of a gaming ecosystem; rather, it serves as a cornerstone in a new decentralized financial landscape.MOLLARS offers a unique opportunity for autonomy and prosperity, fostering a sense of community and shared progress among its holders.As a versatile and stable asset, MOLLARS paves the way for a future where financial independence and collective growth are harmoniously aligned.

This litepaper outlines the core principles and tokenomics behind MOLLARS, emphasizing true decentralization, a merit - based economy, and unbreakable community bonds. A gaming product could be released at launch.

With a deliberate founder exit post - launch, MOLLARS ensures sustainability and longevity, with professional management and community empowerment at the forefront.


Market Overview


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital finance, the MOLLARS token emerges as a groundbreaking innovation. This token transcends traditional economic models, positioning itself as more than just a component of a strong ecosystem. It's a fundamental element in the tapestry of a new decentralized financial paradigm. MOLLARS represents not just a store of value but also an ideology of autonomy, prosperity, and communal evolution.


After couple months of deep analysis, we have identified the best path for MOLLARS to be a succesful crypto ecosystem and overtake many of the top 100.

Problem Statement

The world of finance has long been governed by centralized institutions, leading to issues of transparency, inclusivity, and equitable distribution of wealth. Traditional economic systems often prioritize individual gain over community welfare, resulting in a disjointed and inequitable financial landscape. Furthermore, the gaming industry, despite its massive growth, frequently encounters challenges in integrating finance in a way that benefits all stakeholders fairly. This dichotomy creates a gap where the potential for a unified financial and strong ecosystem remains largely unexplored and underutilized.


The problem statement below isn't new and yet, nobody really fought for it. It's time to change and evolve.


In response to the pressing challenges identified in the digital landscape, the MOLLARS ecosystem emerges as a transformative solution that transcends the conventional boundaries of gaming, economics, and community. MOLLARS is not merely a token or a game; it represents a fundamental shift towards autonomy, prosperity, and communal evolution.

1. Decentralization and Tokenomics

The cornerstone of MOLLARS is true decentralization. By distributing power away from centralized authorities, MOLLARS ensures transparency and fairness in financial dealings. The tokenomics are designed to be a store of value, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility among its users.

2. Community and Shared Progress

MOLLARS is deeply rooted in the principle of community. By fostering unbreakable community bonds, it not only provides a sense of belonging but also ensures that every member benefits from the collective progress. This communal approach to finance and web3 creates a robust, supportive network that thrives on mutual growth and shared success.

3. Sustainability and Empowerment

With a deliberate founder exit post-launch, MOLLARS guarantees its sustainability and longevity. This strategic move paves the way for professional management, overseen by the community, ensuring that the token remains responsive to the needs and aspirations of its users. This empowerment of the community aligns with the token's ethos of financial independence and collective growth, setting a new standard in the decentralized finance landscape on the ethereum blockchain.


Integration with Gaming / Web3 Products

The potential launch of a gaming product at the onset of MOLLARS introduces an innovative dimension to the ecosystem. This integration not only enhances the utility of the token but also opens up new avenues for engagement, entertainment, and financial growth within the gaming community. It creates a harmonious blend where financial assets and gaming experiences enrich each other, providing a comprehensive and fulfilling user experience.


Mollars Vision

Core Principle

Commitment to Decentralization

At the forefront of MOLLARS' philosophy is a deep-rooted commitment to true decentralization. This principle reflects the conviction that decision-making authority should rest with the community, distancing itself from traditional centralized models. Decentralization is not just a feature but the very ethos that MOLLARS embodies, ensuring that every member has a voice in the ecosystem's future.

Definitive Launch Steps

Liquidity Burn and Contract Renouncement
The launch of MOLLARS marks a significant step in its journey towards complete decentralization. By burning the liquidity and renouncing the contract, MOLLARS makes a bold statement about its dedication to community governance. This move symbolizes the irreversible transfer of control from its founders to the community, entrusting the token's destiny in the hands of those who hold it.

Post-Launch Dynamics
Following the launch, the founders consciously recede, allowing the community to take the reins. This transition of power underscores a genuine commitment to decentralized decision-making, ensuring that the community's values and priorities steer the MOLLARS universe. It's a testament to the belief that the community's collective wisdom surpasses any singular leadership.

Merit-Based Success

MOLLARS challenges the conventional notion that financial status should dictate success. Instead, it champions the idea that web3 interaction, creativity, and community engagement are the true drivers of economic prosperity. This approach paves the way for a more inclusive and equitable environment, where every participant has the potential to thrive based on their contributions and ingenuity.

Community-Centric Approach

Every member and holder within the MOLLARS universe plays a critical role. Their contributions, decisions, and active participation are invaluable, shaping the project's trajectory. This principle cultivates a strong sense of community and unity, reinforcing the belief that collectively, they form a formidable force driving MOLLARS towards its vision.

Democratic Governance and Evolution

MOLLARS operates on the principle of collective choice. This extends to every aspect of the project, from game development to ecosystem governance and strategic decisions. The use of transparent voting systems and open community forums empowers this democratic ethos, allowing every voice to be heard and every opinion to count.


The tokenomics of MOLLARS are meticulously crafted to align with its core principles of decentralization, a merit-based economy, and robust community ties. Central to this model is the concept of empowering every participant, regardless of financial stature, to play a significant role in the MOLLARS universe.

Initial Token Supply and Distribution

Total Supply
MOLLARS commences its journey with a total supply of 10,000,000 tokens. This finite supply is a strategic choice, symbolizing both the project's expansive potential and commitment to controlled growth. It lays the foundation for a vibrant ecosystem where every interaction contributes to its evolution.

Earning Mechanism
In line with its merit-based philosophy, MOLLARS tokens are primarily earned through active participation and contributions within the community. This system democratizes access to the tokens, ensuring that rewards are based on engagement and involvement, rather than mere financial investment.

Purchase Option
For those seeking a direct acquisition route, MOLLARS tokens can also be purchased. This offers flexibility and accessibility, catering to different preferences within the community.

Post-Launch Founder Withdrawal

In adherence to its decentralization ethos, the founders of MOLLARS will gracefully recede post-launch, entrusting the community with full governance. This deliberate step is pivotal for ensuring the ecosystem thrives under community-driven leadership. Initial guidelines and frameworks are established to facilitate a seamless transition, equipping the community with the necessary tools for effective stewardship.


24% C.E.X.
20% Upcoming Burn and Bounty
10% Burned
46% In Circulation

Sustainability & Longevity

The MOLLARS ecosystem is designed with the need of longevity and sustainability in mind, ensuring its continuous growth and development well into the future.

Post-launch, the founders of MOLLARS take a deliberate step back, marking a pivotal moment in the project's journey. This strategic move signifies the founders' unwavering commitment to true decentralization, wherein the community takes the reins of governance.

The founders willingly recede into the background, allowing the community's unfiltered voice to guide the MOLLARS universe. This act underlines our commitment to community-driven governance and ensures that the project is not dependent on a centralized authority.

The founders' exit paves the way for the community's unfettered rule. The project's longevity is anchored in the power and potential of the community to govern, develop, and innovate.

While the founders step back, the MOLLARS project is not left to drift aimlessly. Strategic plans and professional placeholders ensure the project's sustainability and continuity. These professionals are equipped to manage and enhance the ecosystem while aligning with the core principles of MOLLARS.

Strategic Planning
Future-proofing the MOLLARS ecosystem involves the creation of well-thought-out strategies that encompass governance, development, and growth. These strategies lay the foundation for a self-sustaining cycle of progress and innovation.

Community-Centric Focus
The professionals entrusted with MOLLARS' stewardship are deeply committed to community empowerment. They collaborate with the community to execute strategic plans, prioritize development initiatives, and foster a thriving, vibrant ecosystem.

The longevity of MOLLARS is intricately tied to the engagement of its community members. The power to shape the game's evolution, tokenomics, and overarching strategies is placed firmly in the hands of the community.

Through transparent voting systems and community forums, every MOLLARS holder has the opportunity to participate in shaping the project's future. The collective decisions made by the community serve as the driving force behind MOLLARS' sustainability.

The community's active engagement ensures a self-sustaining cycle of growth and innovation. As the community's power and involvement grow, so does the ecosystem's capacity to evolve and adapt to changing needs and opportunities.

Sustainability and longevity are not mere buzzwords in the MOLLARS ecosystem; they are the pillars upon which the project stands.

Community Empowerment


Stop feeling powerless with Mollars.

The Collective Voice
MOLLARS embodies a democratic ethos, where the collective voice of the community is paramount. We believe that decisions should be made by those who are actively involved and invested in the project. Every MOLLARS holder has a say in the direction of the game, tokenomics, and overarching strategies, ensuring that the ecosystem reflects the values and priorities of the community.

Transparent Governance
Transparency is the cornerstone of community empowerment in MOLLARS. Through transparent voting systems and community forums, every participant has a platform to engage, discuss, and decide on matters that affect the project. The project's direction is a product of collective choices, and this transparency ensures that every voice is heard.

A Shift in Power
The MOLLARS project is dedicated to shifting power from a select few to the collective. We believe in creating a level playing field where financial status takes a backseat, and in-game actions, creativity, and engagement drive economic prosperity. This shift is a fundamental step toward a more inclusive and equitable digital landscape.

Join our Snapshot.org Mollars and be the one taking every decision like tomorrow needed it, be the one suggesting for a better future, but more likely be the one you want to be, cast your vote now!


Community engagement in the Mollars Ecosystem.

Contributions Beyond Gaming
MOLLARS goes beyond traditional gaming by recognizing that the skills and knowledge acquired within the game have real-world value. The experiences and interactions in "Survive & Thrive" are not limited to the virtual realm; they have the potential to influence the physical world. This approach bridges the gap between digital and physical, making MOLLARS a platform for meaningful, real-world change.

The Fuel of Growth
Community engagement is the lifeblood of MOLLARS. Active participation from every member ensures the project's sustainability and continued growth. The community's collective strength propels MOLLARS forward, driving a self-sustaining cycle of development and innovation.

The Power of Inclusion
MOLLARS is designed to be an inclusive space where every member, regardless of their financial status, plays a vital role. The unbreakable community bonds created within MOLLARS foster a sense of belonging and unity. Here, you are not just a participant; you are a part of a community that is actively shaping the future.

Fundraising Rounds

100% of the raise is decentralized on Ethereum & Polygon for card payments.
Claim will be manual for ETH & USDT contributor and airdrop for the card payment at end of presale.

Round 1
200,000 $MOLLARS at $0.30
Sold Out
Round 2
300,000 $MOLLARS at $0.40
Sold Out
Round 3
700,000 $MOLLARS at $0.45
Sold Out
Round 4
1,200,000 $MOLLARS at $0.50
Sold Out
Round 5
1,100,000 $MOLLARS at $0.55
Sold Out
Round 6
500,000 $MOLLARS at $0.60
Sold Out

Unsold token after the end of the presale will be burned, sent to: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD