EVOLVING into a vibrant STORE of VALUE

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True store of value

The MOLLARS ecosystem emerges as a beacon of change, where the boundaries between gaming, economics and community blur to create a decentralized universe governed by its participants. MOLLARS is not just a game or a token, it's a pathway to autonomy, prosperity and communal evolution.

This litepaper outlines the core principles and tokenomics behind MOLLARS, emphasizing true decentralization, a merit-based economy, and unbreakable community bonds. "Survive & Thrive," the flagship game, invites players to chart their course in uncharted territories, where every action contributes to a universe rich in meaning and material wealth.

With a deliberate founder exit post-launch, MOLLARS ensures sustainability and longevity, with professional management and community empowerment at the forefront.

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Invest in $MOLLARS, a store-of-value token that offers true ownership and cross-chain support. Available on leading exchanges, $MOLLARS ensures the best value for your investment.

Start trading today and secure your stake in the future of cryptocurrency.

Smart Contract Development

Creating a secure and transparent smart contract for the $MOLLARS token, building trust through audit and clear mechanics.

Community Engagement

Igniting enthusiasm within our community through active participation on social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Instagram.

Token Launch

Marking the $MOLLARS - Mollars Token's debut in the financial market, with a countdown to its exciting launch.

Partnership Development

Expanding our reach by collaborating with developers, key influencers, and content platforms to amplify the impact of Mollars.

Market Integration

Introducing the $MOLLARS token on leading Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) to facilitate easy trading for users.

Central Exchange Listing

Enhancing $MOLLARS token visibility and trade opportunities by listing on top Centralized Exchanges (CEXs).

Marketing Campaign

Launching an extensive promotional campaign across various media, leveraging influencer networks, and live streaming on platforms like Twitch to grow the Mollars community.

Branding and Outreach

Implementing a comprehensive marketing plan to solidify our community's presence in the decentralized space, guided by experienced industry marketers.

Exclusive Community Perks

Providing unique benefits to the $MOLLARS community, including early access, exclusive content, and engaging events.

Market Cap Milestone

Setting an ambitious goal to reach a $1 billion market cap, showcasing the Mollars Token's strength as a valuable asset.

Top-Tier CEX Listings

Securing positions on elite Centralized Exchanges to increase liquidity and ease of access for the Mollars community.

Sector Leadership

Establishing a strong presence in the crypto industry and related sectors, enhancing the token's value and appeal.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Beginning the development of a user-centric decentralized exchange, tailored to the needs and values of our community and token.

Governance Transition

Transitioning leadership to the community, ensuring decision-making aligns with the decentralized ethos and community interests after establishing a strong foundation.

Token Distribution

No taxes, no bullshit. It’s that simple, our LP is locked, and contract ownership is renounced to ensure maximum security and decentralization. Enjoy straightforward, transparent investments with Mollars.

10,000,000 Total Supply
C.E.X. 2,000,000
Upcoming Burn & Bounty 2,400,000
Burned 1,000,000
In Circulation 4,600,000

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